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Gotha Games is formed by a small group of board game enthusiasts. We have been playing games for more than 20 years and are now presenting our games to the boardgaming community. Our designs focus on deep strategy, elegant mechanics and top quality components. Try us out!
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For general info: info@ilgotha.org

For trading enquiries: shop@ilgotha.org

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Race! Formula 90

Race! Formula 90 is a car racing game simulating all typical elements of a motorsport event: car strategies, weather changes, pit stops, tyres management, overtaking, doubling and of course damages and crashes. Buy it now


1865 Sardinia

1865 Sardinia

Players play the role of 19th century entrepreneurs investing in the construction as well as the financial and operational management of railways. Selling and buying shares on the stock market, seeking new sources of funding, laying track and placing stations, running trains and paying dividends are all basic elements of 18xx games. Buy it now


BITE: Europe on fire

Blocks In The East

Developed on wooden blocks and cubes system, with a full laminated multicolor 125x87 cm map board, there's not any paper component. The game covers German - Soviet conflict on the strategic scale level. Buy it now

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Retailer Store NOW AVAILABLE !

We have opened a dedicated store for our European retail costumer.

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Our new distributors

Gotha Games has expanded his distributors net in USA and Korea.

You can find the complete list here.


Hand Painted Cars

Race! Formula 90 will be sold with single color plastic cars inside the box.

You can get at a special price a full set of hand painted metal car models. Specifically designed for us by Giorgio de Michele. To be used also with other car racing games.

Buy them at our shop


Gotha Games means style

At the accessories section of our shop you will find Regno d'Italia 19th century style Fake Money. To be used with 1865 Sardinia, 1841, 1850Jr, 18FB


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Race! Formula 90


1865 Sardinia


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